Welcome to planet fuck you!

travel plans and accommodations arranged by:






buy it now or die!



one hit to kill them all    

Destroy demons with crazy combos to unlock powerful upgrades and survive the endless onslaught of butt-ugly demons.

Reload your machine gun by firing your shotgun.

Hells yeah!!

Let's fucking do this!







Bosses that fuck up the arena for good

Death farts, acid barf, giant saws, and meaty walls are all left in the bosses’ wake






Crunchy comic-inspired visuals

The violent, absurd, and gritty world of TXP is inspired by our love for comics like Prison Pit, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and tabletop games such as Necromunda

TXP hot stuff gif.gif






hidden Combos to make demons even deader

When you're pulverizing a planet of demons you're gonna need more than a shotty and machine gun so start experimenting and kick some demon ass







Leaderboards to prove you're better than everyone

Now you don't have to lie to the world about how great you are







Heavy teeth clenching soundtrack

Wear your fanciest aural plugs as drums, guitars, demons, and blood were all hand recorded for a truly gruesome experience